About me

I am Jingzhu He, a third year PhD student at Computer Science and Engineering Department of North Carolina State University since August 2016. I am a member of DANCE group, working with Dr. Xiaohui Gu. I have a broad interest in distributed system, cloud computing and big data analytics. Currently, I am conducting researches on debugging tools on distributed systems. Prior to coming to NCSU, I obtained my bachelor degree from School of Electronic and Science Engineering of Nanjing University in June 2013. And I obtained M.Phil degree from Hong Kong Baptist University.


  • T. Dai, J. He, X. Gu and S. Lu, DScope: Detecting Real-World Data Corruption Hang Bugs in Cloud Server Systems, SOCC 2018
  • J. He, T. Dai, and X. Gu, TScope: Automatic Timeout Bug Identification for Server Systems, ICAC 2018
  • T. Dai, J. He, X. Gu and S. Lu, Understanding Real-World Timeout Problems in Cloud Server Systems, IC2E 2018 (best paper nominee)
  • M.Phil Dissertation: Video File Distribution among Geo-distributed Cloud Servers.
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      890 Oval Drive, 3224 Engineering Building 2
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      United States
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